Seamless breast cancer aftercare
for clinics and patients

The AfterCareApp® connects clinics, attending doctors and patients in aftercare.

For clinics


The AfterCareApp® connects clinics, attending physicians and (if desired) patients in aftercare. The surgical clinics are obliged to provide the data and must request the follow-up data from the treating specialists, who are often not contractually bound to a clinic.

Full automation

The existing, paper-based and therefore complicated and error-prone process has been completely replaced by the AfterCareApp®. The system provides the specialists involved with the necessary requests for recurring follow-up care in a continous and well-timed manner.

Allocation and follow-up without manual intervention

The allocation of follow-up care to the registered doctors is automatic. This ensures that all cases are taken into account. The information is entered directly into the ergonomically designed interface of the AfterCareApp® and then processed further without the intervention of hospital staff.

Overview and control for administration

The hospital administration can completely automate the processing of follow-up care with the AfterCareApp®. The processed data can be viewed by clinic management at any time via statistics and show the current status of processing in a selectable level of detail, right down to individual follow-up care.

Proven in practice
for many years


The AfterCareApp® improves the recording and monitoring of tumour aftercare, supports therapy optimisation and contributes to saving lives.

Dr. Amsler
Medical Director
Bethesda Hospital Basel

With the AfterCareApp®, we can record the tumour follow-up information much more easily and also check where follow-up care is not being completed.
The automatic data transfer to the tumour documentation is very valuable and helps us to meet our quality requirements much more easily.
Because we are able to map the long-term health status of our patient population more accurately, we are in a position to further improve our therapies.
This helps our patients and contributes to saving lives.

data exchange


AfterCare is connected to all leading tumour documentation providers
through secure and reliable standards

Cost and time savings of over 90%

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Significant internal cost and time savings

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Automated follow up of missing supplies

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Real-time overview of hospital administration.

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State of health of the patient population

Increased efficiency in hospital administration through AfterCare
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women are affected



, 1/3

of all women are affected



a doubling of cases

The AfterCareApp® connects patients, clinics and attending physicians in aftercare.

For patients

Why is breast cancer such an urgent problem?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the female population and affects almost one in eight women. The probability of developing the disease increases with age, which is, why almost 1/3 of all women over 50 are affected.

Cases of breast cancer have doubled since the 1980s, which goes along with the general increase in life expectancy.

The disease, which tends to relapse or spread in difficult cases, is now also increasingly being diagnosed in younger women. Unfortunately, increasingly with forms more difficult to treat.

What is the purpose of aftercare?

The recording of aftercare ensures that the long-term benefit of the therapy for the patient is proven.

In addition to the primary therapy, aftercare also includes documentation of subsequent therapies. The value of each surgery performed is documented long-term with aftercare.

The aftercare information is made available to the certification bodies in anonymised form and is evaluated as an important feature for re-certification.

Breast cancer can become active again even after many years

As breast cancer can become active again even years after surgery, patients need long-term support.

In order to provide patients with the best possible treatment, most countries have started to require surgical clinics to be certified by independent auditing bodies. This ensures that the best procedures are made available to patients with the most suitable means and surgeons.

The AfterCareApp® provides support during therapy

The AfterCareApp® can also be made available to patients during therapy. It supports and helps to ensure the connection to the doctors in charge even in difficult situations.

In this way, side effects of the therapy can be easily monitored and, if an intervention is necessary, patients can be put in touch with their carers quickly and easily.

How can I get the AfterCareApp

The integration of the AfterCareApp® into the existing hospital infrastructure can be realised with little effort. Contact us for more information using the following online form or send us an e-mail to

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